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Established in 1986, Januar Jahja & Partners (JJP) is a boutique intellectual property (IP) law firm with over 25 years experience in handling all aspects of IP matters in Indonesia. For over two decades, JJP has provided substantive and professional legal counsel on a broad range of IP issues to its clients, both leading international and well-known Indonesian companies. From trademark and patent prosecution to complex IP litigation and everything in between, JJP has a proven track record of success and remains committed to providing its clients with high-quality, yet cost effective, legal counsel.

While generally harmonized with international IP norms, Indonesian intellectual property law has its fair share of idiosyncrasies that may be unfamiliar to foreign counsel. With that in mind, we provide on-the-ground advice to in-house corporate counsel and foreign firms alike as to how best to handle their IP issues in Indonesia. The attorneys and staff at Januar Jahja & Partners have extensive experience interacting with government bodies such as the Indonesian Patent Office and the Indonesian Trademark Office, experience that allows us to provide quick and on-point legal counsel on a whole range of intellectual property issues.

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