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Indonesian IP Office Announces, Implements Increase in Official Fees

Effective July 3, 2014, the Indonesian IP Office (DGIP) has implemented a new price structure that increases the official fees charged for a wide variety of matters. Included in the “Rates and Tariffs for Non-Tax Revenue” (No. 45/2014) issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights are new official fees for patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyright, and trade secret matters before the DGIP.

The DGIP is currently undergoing a modernization effort—both physical and technical, with the office moving to a location in central Jakarta and switching to an electronic management system—so the hope is that these fee increases will be used to improve the services provided to IP applicants and owners in Indonesia.

To request our newly revised Schedule of Charges that take into account these official fee increases, please either contact us at januar@jahja.com or complete the “Request Our Schedule of Charges” form on our website.