Januar Jahja & Partners

Industrial Designs

With the world’s fourth largest population and a rapidly developing economy, Indonesia presents numerous business opportunities for a wide range of products and services. As such, we understand the importance of registering your industrial design in Indonesia so that you can enforce your corresponding design rights in this highly robust economic market. At the same time, we also understand that these processes can seem confusing because Indonesia has many unique industrial design procedures and regulations specific to this jurisdiction.

Januar Jahja & Partners has over 25 years experience helping individuals and companies alike register their industrial designs with the Indonesian Industrial Design Office. If needed, we can also help you prepare the design drawings or arrange for photographic representations to support your design rights during the registration process.

Pursuant to relevant Indonesian law, the minimum filing requirements for filing an industrial design application are:

  • Full name and address of applicant;
  • Nationality (for natural person) or detail of incorporation (for legal entity);
  • Physical samples/drawings/photographs and specification;
  • A certified copy of home country application (for claiming priority);
  • A signed Power of Attorney; and
  • A signed Statement of Entitlement.

Please contact us if you would like to receive our Schedule of Charges for Industrial Design matters or would like to receive the Power of Attorney and Statement of Entitlement forms so that you can begin the process of protecting your industrial design in Indonesia.