Januar Jahja & Partners

IP Litigation

Despite recent improvements, Indonesia has an unfortunate history of trademark squatting (“trademark piracy”) and other IP violations. These activities have the potential to negatively affect your intellectual property rights in any number of ways. In situations such as these, litigation can often times be an effective solution.

In a legal jurisdiction such as Indonesia that has a unique blend of civil law and international IP norms, having experienced local counsel is an absolute must. Januar Jahja & Partners has particular expertise in litigating IP issues in the courts of Indonesia, expertise that has been built up over decades of litigation experience handling cancellation proceedings, trademark infringement actions or patent infringement claims. In Indonesia, the Commercial Courts (most notably, the Jakarta Commercial Court) have been granted specific jurisdiction to hear intellectual property cases. Appeals are then made directly to the Indonesian Supreme Court. Januar Jahja & Partners has litigated numerous cases at both levels, with a proven track record of success. Litigating IP disputes in Indonesia requires a deep and detailed understanding of the procedural and evidentiary requirements for civil litigation.

Please contact us if you would like advice related to a potential IP litigation matter or would like to receive an estimate for our services in helping you litigate to protect your intellectual property rights in Indonesia.